Midcentury Chalet Sweater



Color: Cumin Pecan
Product Details

Davos, 1960s.


The glam era of skiing.

If you made it down the backside of the Brämabüel, you’d accomplished something. No matter how many pages you knocked out on
the Olivetti that morning or if your three-picture deal closed back home.

You and the other skiers have mostly chucked your wooden skies from the ‘50s—the ones with “bear-trap” bindings and no safety release—and non-waterproof, leather, lace-up boots in favor of new gear.

The style on the mountain is nearly universal. Black ski pants. Tall wool ski hats.

Ski parkas over colorful handknit sweaters like this one.

Instant Alpine authenticity.


Midcentury Chalet Sweater (No. J7862). Classic Fair Isle sweater from esteemed knitwear maker Harley of Scotland. Engineered handsomely in windblocking, supersoft 100% Shetland wool sourced in Aberdeenshire from an 18th-century spinning mill. Seamless construction. Made in Scotland.