Mohair Cardigan



Color: Olive Stripe
Product Details

“When everybody is somebody, then nobody is anybody.”

Not everybody will have the audacity to wear this.

But if you do, suddenly people will remember your name.

They will linger by you a bit longer.

You will need a bit more protection. When they call the house, an intimidating English accent should answer, “He’s in the garden.”

This kind of sweater won’t tolerate bad form of any kind. It will make your home an idyll, the garden a treasure, the weekend a destination.

Oxonian with just enough vox populi.

Mohair Cardigan (No. 7237). Classic cardigan style in a sumptuous mohair wool blend (with a bit of '60s prep woven through). Three colorful horizontal stripe bars. Faux horn buttons. Button front. Flat hem. Rib cuff. Imported.