Nautical Stripe Scoop Neck Sweater



Color: Cream Blue
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I doubt we have the same view when it comes to nautical endeavors.

I dream of holding the line. Perhaps in a Royal Navy Warship during the Crimean War.

In a raging storm. I probably wouldn’t be wearing this sweater. Don’t get me wrong, you can still ease the sheets or bagpipe the mizen in this sweater, but this is more San Francisco Bay. Or Florida Yacht Club. Or maybe even Sunday afternoon landlocked with nary a stern nor bow in sight.

Interesting how nautical fashion has always intrigued (and endured). Must be something about the comfort of water’s majesty. The art of sailing. All very heady stuff

Historical stuff. Fun stuff.


Nautical Stripe Scoop Neck Sweater (No. J8106). 100% Cotton shell in cream with bold blue stripes across lower sleeves and bodice. Blanket stitch at neckline and textural stripes at sleeve and lower body. Fully-fashioned raglan seams. Rib trim at sleeve and body hem. Imported.