New Groove Blouse



Color: Black
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Cap d'Antibes.

She takes the Calais-Mediterranée Express

(Le Train Bleu to the French and the Blue Train to the English, for its dark blue sleeping cars). from Calais to the French Riviera.

Checks into the Hotel des Belles Rives with the other arty expatriates and Hollywood glitterati, she being the latter.

There's gambling and sunbathing all day.

Glittering parties every night.

Dancing until the sun transforms the shimmering Mediterranean from midnight to silver to azure.

Three months of this (and a strongly-worded telegram from the studio) before she can bring herself to book return passage.

New Groove Blouse (No. 7155). Floral applique lace floats over your skin in stretch poly chiffon. Resin button. Stretch lining in 100% polyester. Imported.