Jaisalmer Dress


Color: Cream Multi
Product Details

Leap into Being.

“Great talk you gave at the PEN meeting.”

“We have twelve of your wonderful pots.”

“Terrific about the Oscar for Best Documentary. Don’t you think?”

People inevitably make assumptions about you based on how you dress, so why not wear things that nudge them in interesting directions?

Jaisalmer Dress (No. J6486). Low-calf length cut of pure cotton, bodice lined in 100% cotton. Multi-panel design with high-waisted bodice, full-gored skirt. Mandarin collar and V-neck. Navy pom-pom trim at neck and around full sweep. Braided belt with cord ball on each side of waist. Metallic round buttons. Gold sleeve trim. Upper bodice lined in cotton.

An unconventional beauty. Made in India.