The New Long-Sleeve 1947 Dress



Color: Red White
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The New 1947 Dress.

The most flattering dress of the 20th century.

Full, sweeping skirt and shaped bodice, for artful emphasis on legs, hips, waist, and bust.

Rita wore it. Coeds and secretaries wore it. Your mother wore it. Women looked wonderful in it. Still do. And always will.

Unless the female form undergoes some kind of radical transformation.

The New Long-Sleeve 1947 Dress (No. 6864). Deliverance from the boxy, skimpy cut of WWII utility fashions in a splendid Japanese cotton yarn-dyed poplin stripe. Stone washed to give fabric a softer feel. Swinging sweep and sash ties. Viscose Lyrcra jersey blend. Mid-calf length. V-neck bodice. Shaping darts at bust and waist. Notched collar stands up pertly if you wish. Ivory tone buttons.

This one definitely belongs in your closet, too. Imported.