Nora Shift Dress


Color: Orange
Product Details

 Simple But Not Uncomplicated.


The shift dress.

Simplicity at its finest.

Worn by Hollywood royalty, socialites and first ladies (on their husbands’ Parisian tours, where they are instantly adored by French diplomats).

Instant glamour. No need for embellishments: This is one of those cases in which ruffles and lace become immediately superfluous.

Simplicity the way a two-carat emerald pendant is simple, or the way Madison Avenue feels on a sundrenched afternoon in May.

It calls attention to you.

Try this with dark sunglasses and a modernized bouffant and see what sort of attention you create.


Nora Shift Dress (No. J7941). Elegant shift dress in stretch poly twill. Burnt Orange. 
Waist belt with fax ivory buttons. Two patch pockets. Center back zipper with hook and eye at neckline. Poly lining. Waist belt gently cinches this chic shift dress. Très chic. Imported.