Noragi Jacket



Color: Black
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The Noragi Jacket.

From 1603 to 1867, the Tokugawa military government instituted a strict class system in Japan and enforced it right down to the threads.

Silk was for samurais and the cultural elite. Noragi jackets, for farmers, who patched and stitched sashiko fabric to make their jackets last a lifetime.

In time, power shifted, and eventually the Meiji Restoration resulted in a successful a coup d'état that eroded the feudal system.

And in time, the Noragi jacket, once worn primarily by farmers, became fashionable.

Still is.

Noragi Jacket (No. 7234). A traditional Japanese workwear piece reimagined as your favorite off-hours lounge jacket. Based on a traditional open-front Japanese Noragi jacket. Its name is derived from “Nora” or farm and “gi” which means clothing or uniform. Developed here in traditional Japanese sashiko/kendo fabric. Noragi jackets are open-banded in front with mid-length sleeves, in a loose structure for comfort and mobility. Imported.