Overland Cropped Blazer



Color: Cream
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On the Overland.

Between Adelaide and Melbourne.

She produces a leather case from under the seat. We're discussing Calvino's Invisible Cities (I haven't read it; she has), so I anticipate a travel library.

Instead, she unpacks the case on the table between us and begins to mix a Vieux Carré. Rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth. Benedictine, dashes of Peychaud's and Angostura. Brandied cherries for garnish. Enough
for two drinks.

It's a marvelous concoction.

What kind of woman travels with her own bar case?

I wouldn't dare to guess at all the nuances, but she
wears this jacket.

Later, I write some notes. "Try Peychaud's at home. Stop into the bookstore on Maxwell. Talk to merchants about a cropped blazer for spring."

I perfected my Vieux Carré within the month. Read Calvino over a weekend. The jacket took a little longer, but here we are.

Overland Cropped Blazer (No. 6437). Splendid cropped jacket in lustrous viscose (a rayon fiber made from natural sources) with a bit of stretchy stuff. Poly lining. Expressive wide lapels. Two flap pockets. Imported.