Jacquard Padded Jacket



Color: Navy
Product Details

From One of Your Past Life Regressions.

I know it’s hard to keep track, but it’s the one with your favorite jacket in history.

Remember? You were sitting cross-legged, on the banks of the Yangtze, listening with your heart to Qu Yuan’s latest attempts.

(The same Qu Yuan who was one of the most romantic, though tormented, poets in history.)

And when he wasn’t sighing up to the heavens, or raving at a wall (a long story), he was asking poetic questions of you.

“Does the prince in the tower have the power to tempt the princess?”

You giggled, played with the top frog, opening it a notch. Then you suddenly leapt up, the blue almost luminous in the glint of the moon.

He sprang to his feet, probably composing as he chased after you.

The session always ended before you knew what happened next.

But I have your jacket. Brought back without hypnosis.

Jacquard Padded Jacket (No. 6796). Traditional Chinese padded jacket in a sumptuous silk blend tapestry satin. Lustrous floral jacquard pattern. Mandarin collar and ornate Chinese knot closure. Piped horizontal welt pockets, neck darts, side vents, piped finishings all around. Set-in sleeves hit just above the wrist. Poly twill lining. Imported.