Palm Print Culottes



Color: Palm Print
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Where to begin…

First off, you’re going to look fabulous in these. At work. At play. In perpetuity. Period.

Culottes are comfortable and easy to style and look smashing.

Now, the fun stuff.

Maybe you know the history of this pant and maybe you don’t. Suffice to say it is ripe with drama and twists. It involves the Parisian bourgeoise, dandy men, revolutionaries, the outlawing of women wearing pants in public, feminism that would make Emma Goldman proud, horseback riding, and going commando.

Take a breath.

It’s too much to adequately discuss without blowing the word count so hopefully you’ve been sufficiently teased.

Someone will ask you about all this.

And you know how good you are at telling stories.

Palm Print Culottes (No. 6512). Alluring pleat-front pull-on pant in 100% poly crepe. Imported.