Boro Patchwork Shop Coat



Color: Multi
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The Art of Boro.

This one’s for the man who has never wanted to be or do just one thing.

Whose path was rarely straight and was more interesting for it.

Jack London had all sorts of jobs before he became the writer we know. Worked for a cannery and a jute mill. As a window-washer, longshoreman, watchman.

Journeyed westward to find gold in the Klondike. When he failed and got scurvy, he spent a painful winter writing To Build a Fire.

Playing it safe never sounded all that appealing to me. I have a feeling you and I have that in common.

The patchwork jacket you see here is inspired by boro, a class of Japanese workwear created by patching together different fabrics. We started with premium Japanese fabrics loomed on vintage machines by Three Looms, which takes its name from three regions in Japan that are considered masters of creating fabric imbued with story and history.

Boro Patchwork Shop Coat (No. 7121). Classic three-button work jacket (looks equally good at a typewriter or out in the barn). Notch lapel. Workwear style pockets and corozo buttons. All seams are clean finished and flat felled. Unlined. Imported.