Pedestal Coat

Pedestal Coat

Regular price $448.00 $298.00
No. 5839
Color: Silver Lining

Pedestal Coat

Regular price $448.00 $298.00

A Pedestal.

When you’re put on it, you are uncritically admired, adored, and appreciated. Some things we put on pedestals—that Rodin you found in Aunt Eleanor’s attic, your spouse or partner, your children, your pets.

We think you deserve the pedestal now.

This coat’s portrait collar puts your visage on esteemed display, framing your jawline and cheekbones and propping you up for maximum adoration. Remember, it’s your face. Only you have it.

The rest of you is also well taken care of. The medium-weight wool and cashmere blend is soft and unencumbered, the empire waist flatters, the oversized patch pockets are strikingly avant-garde. The color lets you do and wear whatever you want.

Accept the love.

Flaunt it, even. You’re allowed.

Pedestal Coat (No. 5839). 85% wool and 15% cashmere (400 grams) from Morgado. Large portrait collar with chic hidden double-breasted snap closure front (four snaps total). Raglan-style armholes. Empire waist. Large patch pockets at hips that wrap to the back. Wide self-fabric belt at back waist. Falls to the knee. Lined in a silver dobby twill. Imported.