Peruvian Print Shirt



Color: Green White
Product Details

Witness Protection Program.

New town. New name. New everything. Your former life…erased forever.

The agent eases the shiny black Crown Victoria to the curb. Agent and car, both standard issue.

“The Bureau appreciates your sacrifice, Peterman.”

(Peterman? Will you ever get used to being called that?)

This shirt will help.

Different without being garish. Very much at ease. Completely satisfies nagging desire for a mysterious second identity.

Peruvian Print Shirt (No. 6648) in cool, comfortable 100% cotton printed with traditional Peruvian botanical art. Lightweight short sleeve shirting perfect for excursions north or south of the equator. Subtle botanical print hints at warmer days. Button-down. Applied placket. Chest pocket. Imported.