Photographic Blazer

Photographic Blazer

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No. 6573

Color: Blue Plaid

Photographic Blazer

Regular price $295.00 $219.00

"Stay Cool."

Damon Runyon hung out with New York mobsters, gambled notoriously, and wrote about characters named Nathan Detroit and Dave The Dude.

But it was his rebellion against high society that really stirred things up.

His transgression?

Wearing seersucker.

“They can’t decide whether I’m broke or setting a new vogue,” he said of his fellow New York sophisticates. Up until then seersucker was a poor man’s clothing worn during the sweltering summers of the American South. B

By design it was… cool.

The result of a weaving process where some threads are woven tight while others are woven slack.

This process not only gives it that distinctive wrinkled look but also offers exceptional heat ventilation.

Style and substance.

Very “Runyonesque.”

Now we’ve got “Sippin’ in Seersucker” every May on Canal Street and “Seersucker Thursday” in the U.S. Senate.

This underdog even boasts its own libation.

Now that’s cool.

Men’s Plaid Seersucker Jacket (No. 6573) in a cotton seersucker blend. Single needle topstitch throughout. Two-button, three-pocket blazer style. Double vent. Interio welt pockets. Undercollar contrast oxford cloth. Bember-lined sleeves. Unlined, unstructured body. Italian horn buttons. Imported.

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