Pleated Blouse



Color: Blue
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Newport, 1912.

It was the last summer before income taxes.

A young woman walked toward the Atlantic, with all the 75-room cottages of Newport behind her. She walked to the end of a dock, stepped aboard a waiting launch; the engines rumbled, and she was carried out to sea.

Offshore, a brilliant white yacht, measuring 100 feet at the waterline, was waiting.

Who knows what actually takes place aboard such boats?

The afternoon began with slow thrilling conversation, led to a little lunch of cold lobster and asparagus, and ended with 5 children and 21 grandchildren (every one of them got her eyes, and her money).

The young woman was 23 that day. It was the first day of her life.

Her hair was short and thick and beautiful. She wore a charming pleated blouse over a simple white dress, and no makeup. Didn’t need any.

Pleated Blouse (No. 6856). Victorian-inspired button-down blouse with pleated yoke and lace trim around bodice hem and sleeve hem. Imported.