Pointelle Polo Sweater



Color: Navy
Product Details

Imperfectly Civilized.


Birdie could climb a tree faster than any of us. Taught me to smoke a cigar. (I taught her how to throw a slider.)

Ignored me at school. Wanted me to walk her home.

The kissing was a surprise.

I saw her once at a horse farm outside Lexington, and it all came back.


She looked as impossibly lanky as ever. Completely self-possessed and elegant, too, in riding boots, jeans, and a vintage sweater that looked like this one.

I think she remembered me a little.


Pointelle Polo Sweater (No. 6545). Flattering matchup of sporty and cozy in a delicate pointelle stitch (we recommend a fitted tank underneath) woven from a silky cotton viscose blend. Three dyed-to-match faux ground shell buttons. Three-quarter length sleeve. Ribbing at bottom hem. Imported.