Pray for Raincoat



Color: Yellow
Product Details

Pray for Rain.

It's been scientifically proven that the fall of the Ming Dynasty was caused by record low rainfall; kissing in a London Fog is directly correlated to marriage proposals; eating choux à la crème in a drizzle can lead to a relocation to France. If you're still not convinced of rain’s endearing charm, put on this coat and experience one of life’s most interesting dilemmas—a raincoat so flattering you’ll want to wear it when it's sunny.

Pray for Raincoat (No. 6528). Because you’re never one for curling up and staying in. Layers of nylon and cotton-blend waterproof fabric seal the breaches and keep you dry. The hooded bill is godsend. Two front pockets. Yellow has striped lining. Six snaps down the front. Ingeniously practical and understatedly chic. Imported.