Printed PJ Pants



Color: Beige
Product Details

A Gentleman's Pajamas.

Let's be clear. What you wear to bed (or don't) is entirely your business. 

Do allow me to suggest that every gentleman should own at least one good pair of pajamas (pyjamas if you're French).

For sleeping, sure. For lounging, most definitely. For padding downstairs for an early morning glass of water and not startling your houseguests in the hallway. 

For paper-reading. Bloody-Mary-mixing. 

For not answering the door. 

For turning off notifications and rewatching Les Diaboliques.

Printed PJ Pant (No. J7232). 100% cotton with geometric stripe. Modeled after mid-20th-century French pajamas with a comfortable, relaxed leg. Elastic waist. Unique extended waistband with button fly. Made in India.