Puff Sleeve Blouse



Color: Lavender
Product Details

The Social Network.

The Featherstons are short a lady for their garden party.

Correspondence has been sent via courier.

Your presence is eagerly requested.

Socializing the way Heather Firbank or Lillie Langtry did wasn’t for fun—it was a career. Perhaps even sport. Scandals were encouraged in order to add intrigue to one’s standing, be it a man or a woman. Of course, affairs had to be among the married (they weren’t savages, for God’s sake).

This blouse adds intrigue to your engagement. Silky Italian cotton. Coquettish puff sleeves. Figure-flattering cut with a demure ruffled waste. Calling cards will be presented for your consideration.

Puff Sleeve Blouse (No. 6548). 100% Italian cotton sourced from Italy’s Monti Mill. Ruffled waist, three-quarter sleeves, small shoulder puffs. Five self-covered buttons down the center front. Two self-covered buttons on sleeve. Offered in a crisp white. Imported.