British Isles Moleskin Pullover



Color: Wheat
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If you want to plant your boots on the most northerly point in the British Isles, you must be absolutely resolute in your mission.

Getting there won’t be easy. (Plane, boat, inflatable dinghy.)

Where the Atlantic and the North Sea meet, Muggle Flugga Lighthouse (pronounced how it looks) was built during the Crimean War to protect Britain from invaders and presides over a rocky island. The name comes from the Old Norse, Mikla Flugey, which means "large steep-sided island."

Once the dinghy delivers you to shore, you’ll have 365 steps to climb to reach the lighthouse. Accomplish this, and the view is endless. Nothing but sea and the Arctic Circle between you and the North Pole.

Wind and cold are atmospheric certainties.

Come prepared.                 

British Isles Moleskin Pullover (No. 6925). Rugged weather-beater engineered from Brisbane Moss 100% cotton moleskin from West Yorkshire. Built for warmth and performance, but light and back-beat, as well. Corozo-textured two-hole workwear buttons. Point collar. Double-needle stitching. Garment-dyed for vintage look and feel in vivid, vintage-inspired colors. Excellent for layering. Unmatched for warmth. Imported.