Quilted Prairie Coat


Color: Purple Floral
Product Details

Lady Outlaw.


Incorrigible bandit with sartorial swagger.

Had no use for long, restrictive dresses of Victorian era.

Wore buckskins, boots, and a man’s hat with an ostrich plume.

And coats like this one.

Old photo shows she wore one like it the day of her trial (Isaac Parker, the “Hanging Judge,” noted she looked charmingly defiant in it. He’d been after her for years).

Praised as a model prisoner, she made off with a couple of horses in the Oklahoma territory three days before she was to be released.

Did the old judge expect anything less?


Quilted Prairie Coat (No. J7268). Frontier influences abound in this of-the-prairie quilted jacket. 100% cotton shell and lining. Distinctive contrasting trim across front yoke and at cuffs. Heritage-minded frog closures at center front. Imported.