Red Fox Chore Coat

Red Fox Chore Coat

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Red Fox Chore Coat

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Count on It.

A few things that have remained unchanged since, well, forever.

—Rocking chairs.

—The guitar.


—My opinions.

—The chore jacket.

Let's focus on the chore jacket, that indelible piece of clothing which refuses to progress.

In your great-uncle's attic, there's a cedar chest, and inside is the chore jacket he wore every day to the factory to build things with his hands. It looks like this—durable cotton canvas, blanket-lined (a genius idea), four pockets, double-stitched. Done and done.

Go over to the Côtes du Rhône Valley in France where Bernard grows wine grapes from limestone beds. If you dig inside his oak chest, you'll find his chore jacket. Look familiar?

If it ain't broke…

Red Fox Chore Coat (No. G1009). Pure cotton canvas shell with Japanese wool-blend blanket lining. Fourutility pockets. Antique brass shank buttons. Double-needle chain stitching throughout. Stonewashed. Prepared for action, straight out of the box. Imported.