Regatta Dress



Color: Red Fuchsia
Product Details
• Subtly stirring bateau neckline in front• V-neck in the back• Princess seams• 100% viscose with crepe back satin• Fully lined in acetate

It's Never Too Late.

Did you miss the Derby?

We did, too.

Things happen.

But as Norma Jeane may (or may not) have said, "…sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." Besides, did you really need Butterfield dousing your dress with his exquisite Côte de Beaune Chardonnay after they announced the winner. And then announced it again.

To appease your competitive spirit, you inquired with Penelope about your spot at the Riverside Chalet for a bit of across-the-pond networking. Your extravagant red and fuchsia floral paired nicely with the Pimm's cups and canapés. Not to mention the boys from Lloyds were dying to insure your neckline and gams once they saw you in this dress.

The derby was a fiasco.

You moved on…

Regatta Dress (No. 5976). We spared no expense in securing this outstanding print from our contacts at the Ratti vault in Italy. Sleeveless A-line dress that falls just below the knee (got you past the Regatta's dress code). Crisp and figure flattering. Subtly stirring bateau neckline in front with a V-neck in the back (your own secret). Princess seams. 100% viscose with crepe back satin. Fully lined in acetate. Imported.