Rodeo Flannel PJ Shirt



Color: Mint Scenic
Product Details

"When in doubt, make a western." - John Ford


As handsome as pajamas can be, with a hearty dash of adventure woven through.

Nostalgic ‘60s motif print imagined from big skies and Southwest deserts. Saloon doors swinging in, swinging out. Stagecoach wheels kicking up miles of dust.

Cue the spaghetti western soundtrack, hoofbeats, and that deep thrum in your chest when the house lights darken and the opening credits roll.


Rodeo Flannel PJ Shirt (No. J7872 Mint). Classic, exceptionally comfortable cotton flannel pajamas in a mid-century artful western print. Shirt has contrast piping at collar, cuffs, pocket facing and center front edge. Chest pocket and two pockets at front hip.