Rodin Ruffle Blouse



Color: Champagne
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Musée Rodin.

Whenever I’m in Paris, it’s inevitable that I end up wandering through the collections at the Musée Rodin in Rue de Varenne. For inspiration, for anchor. For the confluence of shape, shadow, and light that never looks the same twice.

The museum once had a life as the Hôtel Biron. In 1905, awaiting a buyer, the building opened to tenants—Jean Cocteau, Henri Matisse, and Isadora Duncan, among them.

Auguste Rodin later moved into four south-facing rooms that opened onto the terrace. Those rooms became his studios. He even placed some of his works in the garden.

The risk of eviction was a recurring worry, so he struck a deal with the state, “reserving the right to reside there all my life.” In exchange, he transferred possession of his art, with the agreement that it would remain in the building that is now Musée Rodin. 

I’ve always been especially drawn to sculpture. His, others. Cast in iron, or on a blouse made of chiffon.

You see it here.

Rodin Ruffle Blouse (No. 6200). Three stand-up ruffled layers at neck. Keyhole slit at center front with hook-and-eye closure. Poly chiffon body lined in polyester. Sleeves are unlined. Commands attention. Imported.