Rosette Button Blouse



Color: Green
Product Details

The Age of Exuberance.

An appropriate description of the Baroque period.

When artists abandoned rigid lines and symmetry for more florid and playful patterns. Authors wrote in flowery detail. Life was for living.

That’s when the ‘diminutive rose’ found its way into fashion vogue.

First on men’s shoes (of all places).

Then as the ornamental accent of choice on hats, blouses, and scarves.

We think it looks best front and center.

The Rosette Button Blouse (No. 3249) is inspired by a time of enthusiasm for one’s self (it’s okay, you’ve earned it). The stretchy cotton-blend and side slits allow for sudden bursts of joyous self-expression. The vibrant colors are a staple of the era and the shaping darts provide a slimming fit. Six hidden buttons under the front placket.

You might find yourself musing about the vanity of earthly possessions and the ferocity of time only to paradoxically revel in the exuberance and disenchantment of living voraciously. Like a rose in full bloom.

How baroque of you. Imported.