Roughstock Suede Pant



Color: Tan
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From time to time, a man asks himself if he has what it takes.

To bootstrap a company. Change policy.

Ping a target at 500 yards. Put up enough firewood for a long and bracing Wyoming winter.

Climb Siula Grande. Save a river, protect the steelhead.

Stay on for 8 seconds in a roughstock event.

Dig down and get back in touch with who he set out to be.

He picks his challenges—of wide-ranging difficulty—and he asks, “Do I have the gumption? The grit?”

Next time you ask yourself these questions, let these pants answer for you.


Roughstock Suede Pant (No. J6876). Western-style trousers constructed from Italian heavy-duty roughout suede. Fully-lined in Italian cotton viscose for comfort. Authentic metal shanks. Coin pocket. Button fly. Tailored fit. Western-style seams at knee. Made in Italy.