Rugby Jersey



Color: Heather Grey
Product Details

“Rugby is a good occasion for keeping thirty bullies far from the center of the city.”

- Oscar Wilde

To the uninitiated rugby still looks like a game that’s played without rules.

Mauls, scrums, rucks, and cuffs to the head are by their very nature unruly.

Think of all of that vigorous impact on the pitch perpetuated by large men called locks, props, and flankers with only a shirt for protection.

Of course if it’s a traditional jersey, like ours, it’s every ounce the competitor.

Purists will take note of the many authentic touches.

Rubber buttons designed to come undone rather than pop off.

Traditional six horizontal stripes in alternating colors. A small shirt collar that offers limited material for opposing tacklers to grab onto.

Rugby Shirt (No. 6606) in sturdy, paddock-ready 100% cotton. Woven twill collar and placket. Rubberized buttons. Underarm gussets and side vents for maximum comfort. Ribbed cuffs. Imported.