North Sea Navy Shirt



Color: Navy White
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North Sea Navy Shirt.


If you see a dark-eyed girl paddling a green boat and her boyfriend laughs and smokes and he is wearing a not-bad-looking striped navy shirt, then it’s France.

Unless it’s New York. But if the girl and her boyfriend are both blonde, and pale smoky-eyed, and he, you notice, is deeply tanned and wearing a striped navy shirt, then it’s Finland. Or the island of Sylt. Or Krk. Unless it’s Central Park.

North Sea Navy Shirt (No. 6600). For men and women. A faithful copy; like the original, it’s “unimproved.” Pure cotton. Long sleeve. Looks better (and more courageous) under a jacket than a t-shirt or button down. Excellent all by itself, as you know. Imported.