S.A.S. Field Sweatshirt



Color: Dark Navy
Product Details

Their motto: Who Dares Wins.
You hear the accent.
You see the downward facing Excalibur
wreathed in flames (don’t call it the winged
The beret.
And, that sweater, steeped in tradition and history, made famous (and cool) by
the S.A.S.
Want to embrace the motto but don’t wish to sacrifice comfort? Skip lugging a
Sten gun or FAL around behind enemy lines (duty which comes with that particular
sweater). Slip this on instead.


S.A.S. Field Sweatshirt (No. 7126). A unique hybrid of the WWII-era British
Special Air Service sweater and 1930s military mechanic and athletic gear. Pockets
provide added utility. Body is well-constructed from supremely comfortable French
terry. Pocket, shoulder panels, epaulettes, and elbow patches are woven cotton
needle cord. Vintage style fisheye corozo buttons. Imported.