Safari Shirt Jacket



Color: Stripe
Product Details

I'd seen him before. Certain parties. Gallery openings. I was invited to a gathering at the Yellowstone Club; he was there. At a fund raiser for a senator from Georgia, there he was, again.

From Cape Cod to Los Angeles, over the years I'd somehow repeatedly run into that guy. 

We were never introduced, but this much I gathered: He wrote with a fountain pen when everyone else typed. He pulled up in a 1956 Porsche Speedster when others arrived by one dial-a-ride service or another. He spoke at least three languages fluently. His shoes always had laces and were always polished. And his wardrobe...

I wouldn't even have tried to pull it off. But that guy did.

Are you that guy?

Safari Shirt Jacket (No. 7242). All the safari jacket details you’d expect, delivered here in 100% cotton sateen for maximum cool out from desert to dockside dinner. Four front flap pockets—two at chest, two at waist. Shoulder epaulets. Button cuffs. Imported.