Saffron Paisley Print Tunic


Color: Yellow Paisley
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41.2493° N, 32.6831° E.


Safranbolu, Turkey. 36 miles from the Black Sea coastline. A few highlights:

Day 1: Covet the handpainted tile floors in your rooms at the caravansary. Take photos for your interior designer.

Day 2: Wander through the ghosts of sultans and centurions as you explore the Old Town.

Day 3: Select a lavish hand-forged teapot from the blacksmith market. And another.

Day 4: Savor the sweet taste of lokum (Turkish Delight), the fragrant jelly candy made from mineral-rich local waters and natural sugar. Ship home brightly illustrated tins of your favorite flavors. Coconut and hazelnut. Rose. Saffron and pistachio.

Day 5: Purchase a princely stash of saffron and dream of the sweet grassy scent of honey and hay filling your kitchen.


Saffron Paisley Print Tunic (No. J8256) in 100% Cotton poplin with an elegant paisley print. Band collar and banded split neckline. Generous side slits. Imported.