Sag Harbor Vintage Henley



Color: White
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Sag Harbor Vintage Henley.


In Dublin, in The Stag’s Head at 3 a.m. I traded my treasured duster for the only remaining copy (still in Latin so please allow me some paraphrasing)…

“Find Henley and wear it. It won’t make you look crisp. Nobody looks crisp in Temple of Dendur. So, look good. When you wear something unstructured, relaxed, something that makes you feel good – you look good.”


Sag Harbor Vintage Henley (No. J8031). Not all cotton is created equal. We start with a long-staple yarn from the US, then spin and knit the yarn in Peru, into a very specific thickness and weight. The end result is a cotton jersey that has unparalleled softness, yet a heft that is
found nowhere else. Specially dyed and washed to hold its color while improving with age. Generous fit. Made in Peru.