Striped Sarong Skirt

Striped Sarong Skirt

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No. 7270
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Color: Rainbow

Striped Sarong Skirt

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Ulah Outwits the Code.

Splashing in a jungle pool, swinging on a vine Öwhen Ulah (Dorothy Lamour) did those things in the wilds of Malaysia, it didn't matter if her sarong revealed a bit much, or even slipped off entirely.

Ray Milland was always a gentleman.

Back in the States together, however, they had the Hollywood Production Code to deal with: îno inner thigh visible... no navel... no 'bosum'...."

(Also, "no kisses longer than 35 seconds" and "man must keep both feet on floor" during love scenes; censors were on the set to enforce the rules.)

Sarong skirt. 

This is the solution she arrived at. A sarong-style skirt that meets the Code but still feels free and sensuous.

Like the risky original, it encourages a subtle and absorbing side-to-side sway. Try one on. See your gait evolve.

Striped Sarong Skirt (No. 7270). Breezy yet demure cotton dobby wrap skirt in a brightly-hued rainbow stripe pattern. Two buttons at waist on right. Finished seams. Falls alluringly to mid-calf.

Ulah was a stickler for authenticity. Imported.