Seamed Pencil Skirt



Color: Blush
Product Details

Not That You Asked.  


Can a man write about a pencil skirt? Can he really talk to you about comfort?  Freedom? About what you think looks good? I can but it doesn’t make it worth the paper it’s printed on. My point of view, not that you should care, is for me. About me. But maybe you do care. Since you’re still reading… 

I could be way off base here (probably) but to me, a well-tailored pencil skirt doesn’t make you anybody but who you already are. Its shape is your shape. The slightly wider contour at your hips tapers downward toward the sweep, mirroring your form.  

Unlike a lot of skirts that are constructed to hide everything about you (or show too much) or distract with some strategically placed plumage or embellishments, the pencil skirt, especially this pencil skirt, does neither. It gets you. It is you.  

That’s not to say it doesn’t have some panache, exemplified by the exposed seams adorned with topstitched grosgrain ribbon. The ponte knit is crisp and sturdy but not cumbersome. The blushing color is akin to that flutter in your stomach you get when hopelessly enchanted.   

You didn’t ask, but I thought I should tell you.  

Seamed Pencil Skirt (No. 5989). Poly and rayon Ponte knit with a little spandex for stretch. Upper-calf length. Topstiched grosgrain ribbon detail at darts, center front, and center back seams. Zipper at left. Kick pleat in back. Fully lined in acetate. Imported.