Seascape Fit and Flare Dress


Color: Black White
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Table at the outside edge of the veranda, just before the world falls away into the Mediterranean.

She peels exactly five lychee fruits and, with deft fingers, scoops out the seeds. Drops the fruit into a blue chintz bowl, which she pushes across the table.

“Try this.” For a former diplomat, her tone is less conciliatory than I would expect. 

Still, I note the one raised eyebrow… and is that a smirk? 

My bearings are never reliably calibrated in her presence. 

She sketches an array of sailboats, hands me the paper. 

“Can you do anything with this?”

Yes, yes, I believe I can. 

Seascape Fit and Flare Dress (No. J8141). An artful confection in pure cotton with a charming marina print encircling the skirt hem. Center back zipper with hook and eye. Princess seams at front and back bodice with flattering pleating at waist. Full skirt. Imported.