Secret Keeper Dress



Color: Bright Pink
Product Details

Secret Keeper.


You have other dresses. Not like this one, but you have them. You need those for certain occasions. Picnics at Blithewold. Private tours of the abbey.

This dress is something else. Think sexier, but still elegant. Think dancing in Buenos Aires. Think 1960 DB4 Zagato. Scotch, neat.

Strategic ruching turns this dress into a secret keeper. Like a good friend, it flatters and forgives. Talks you up to your old beau. And, yes, keeps your secrets.


Secret Keeper Dress (No. J6489). Mesmerizing fitted sheath in substantial, flattering viscose/spandex blend. Slims and lengthens your torso, your legs. Gives shape to your derrière. To the knee. Imported.