Shawl Collar Cable Sweater



Color: Ground
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Whitby on the Coast.


On the wall beside his desk, the corner of an old hemp sail, meticulously hand-stitched by his great-grandfather and saved by the family for the sake of not losing things to time.
He'd gone another way, building ships, but not before his grandfather taught him to how to sew a corner ring into a sail. Threading a sturdy needle through waxed canvas. Pushing it through with the leather sail palm. Pliers to pull it clear on the other side.
“There, you’ve done it.”
Side by side, the Whitby port practically at their feet, wearing sweaters like this one.


Shawl Collar Cable Sweater (No. 7307). Your most faithful ally against cold and wind, masterfully knit in Ireland by people who have been making sweaters like this for generations. Traditional Irish Donegal shawl collar sweater in a supremely soft 95% wool, 5% cashmere blend, with heritage cable pattern on body. Ribbed cuff and hem. Beautifully-flecked fiber (the Irish call it “flak”). Suitable on fishing boats from Whitby to Wellfleet. Stupendously warm and handsome everywhere else. Made in Ireland.