Short Sleeve Cruiserweight Sparring Shirt



Color: Inca Gold
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"I Move, Therefore I Am."

—P. Gassendi (1592-1655)

Wasn’t this shirt in that picture?

What picture?

The one where the bad guys take over the airport, and then the guy in this shirt picks them off, one at a time, all by himself…

It looks like Sir Edmund Hillary to me.

It could have been the one about the asteroid.

Edmund Hillary…or the man who built the deer fence last summer.

Well, it certainly is familiar.

Active-spirited shirt. Heroic, possibly.

Encourages a person to get out and do something. Discourages lollygagging, moping, Hamlet soliloquies, and Cartesian meditations.

100% cotton slub rugby jersey with vintage sports chops. Feels substantial. Garment dyed and soft washed it for authentic look and feel. Rib V insert at neck (known as a “sweat catcher"). Rib cuff, hem, and collar. Exaggerated raglan sleeve. Imported.

Short Sleeve Cruiserweight Sparring Shirt (No. 7125).