Silk Brocade Jacket



Color: Red
Product Details

People Will Want to Collect You.


There are grand entrances.

And then there are absolutely, positively, make-their-jaws-drop grand entrances.

If you’re looking for the latter, you’ve come to the right page. The items you see here will give you the visual impact ordinarily found only in certain jewel-like tropical fish and equatorial birds.

Beware of millionaires with butterfly nets.

“Sumptuous” Is the Word. Rich, vivid silk brocade with a pattern that appears to have been borrowed from the Villa d’Este. Very festive at this time of year, too, without a trace of sappiness.


Silk Brocade Jacket (No. 1983), satin-lined. Flattering double princess seams front and back. 12 self-covered buttons. Imported.