Beguiling Silk Gown


Color: Pink Rose
Product Details

Beguiling, Isn't It?


Innocent, this dress is not.

Despite the floral print and never mind the done-up buttons, the waist cinching belt.

The head-to-toe-ness of it.

It’s easy to forget how intoxicating flowers can be when they look so fresh, so lovely.

You’ve always known the secret, that sometimes to conceal is to reveal.

But then, you’re not the one in danger here, are you?

Consider your admirers who, at their peril, are cavalier enough to think themselves immune to the beguiling essence, the unabashed sensuality of this dress.


And you.

Imagine if you left a few buttons undone at the bottom, enough for a bare leg, a knee, to show.

Empires have crumbled for less.


Beguiling Silk Gown (No. J8136). Dreamy silk charmeuse shirtdress gown with buttons at center front from neck to hem. Two buttons at each cuff. Self-fabric belt and buckle. Bust darts. Noteworthy double cuff height. Single pleat at each cuff. Maxi length. Imported.