Brocade Sheath Dress



Color: Purple
Product Details

Royal Lines.

Let’s say you’ve done the legwork to establish your ancestry and you discover a distant royal bloodline.

Does that explain why you’re so magnetically drawn to the colors here?

Or why you gasped at the vibrant purple saffron flowers in the Abruzzi highlands?

Or why, in Sydney, you lingered under the jacaranda trees in full bloom?

Or why you couldn’t turn away from the violet sunset on Juhu Beach in Mumbai, even when the rest of your party had wandered back to the dinner table?

Perhaps. Perhaps not.

A friend tells me there’s a bit of science behind a purple sunset, a scenario that involves rapidly rising sea air, which propels more salt molecules into the atmosphere. The light scatters more abundantly than usual and creates brilliant purple and pink hues at sunset or sunrise.

In the same spirit…

Brocade Sheath Dress (No. 6766) in rich Italian floral jacquard. Royally purple, regally blue. Small bust darts make this dress slightly more fitted than a traditional sheath. Knee length. Invisible batch zip. Poly blend and poly stretch lining. Imported.