Smocked Waist Pants



Color: Pink Blue
Product Details

Lady Margaret's Pants.

“Elderberry,” Lady Margaret announces at breakfast. “There’s a shocking lack of

decent elderberry.”

Lord Randolph puts down his copy of the Times.

“Fig,” he replies. “That’s what I think.”

Since they turned their stately home into a game park, Lady M. has branched out into jams bearing the ancestral crest. They sell quite briskly to the tourists, and Harrods has expressed interest.

The butler whispers to Lord R., who excuses himself; the mandrills have escaped again and are performing indecencies on the parapets.

As Lady M. stands up from the table, we observe that she is wearing these pants.

Smocked-Waist Pants (No. 6815). In deliciously airy 100% silk chiffon. Shirred elastic waistband (more proof of flexible thinking among the upper crust). They pull on easily but also look impressively pulled together. Full-length straight leg. Imported.