Southwestern Shawl Collar Sweater



Color: Red Brown Print
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Battling the Nihilists.

Nihilism is interesting.

I don't get it.

The fact that you even call yourself a nihilist suggests a belief in something, even if that something is despaired nothingness.

You can protest this philosophy quite well in this sweater because it feels so right, so atmospheric, so relaxing. This suggests, in and of itself, the validity of right and wrong, a concept nihilists find non-existent.

All this talk of nothingness is exhausting.

There are moody, brave, relaxing, nostalgic, and heartwarming things you'll encounter in this sweater—a Sedona sunset, procuring (for a very good price) a first pressing of Blood on the Tracks, taking the Riviera out for one last spin before winter, imbibing White Russians while abiding life's complexities.

I think you're onto something that's a lot more than nothing.

Southwestern Shawl Collar Sweater (No. 6289). 100% cotton. Ribbed cuffs and hem band. Welt hip pockets. Faux horn buttons. Imported.