Spanish Officer Shirt



Color: Olive
Product Details

El Milagro Español.

He drank roja libres and cursed (and flirted) gorgeously in a rich Catalan accent.

The first time I met him, in the early ‘70s, he wore a shirt like this, sleeves rolled to the elbows. The hem tucked into Hollywood waist trousers.

The effect was entirely handsome. A bit rakish.

Easy enough to accomplish when the details are meticulously replicated.

I’m still working on the accent.

Spanish Officer’s Shirt (No. 7200). The unique dove collar on this military button-up shirt offers a clue to its mid-century provenance, translated here in cotton Panama cloth. Light in weight and weave and ideal for combatting tropical heat, but holds its own in the rugged-good-looks department, too. Flat hem (but tucks well). Epaulets, as you’d expect. Front yoke and elongated chest pockets. Garment dyed for vintage look and feel. Military-style buttons. Imported.