Sprezzatura Shirt



Color: Blue Stripe
Product Details
• 100% cotton jersey knit• Raglan sleeve• Patch pocket in opposite stripe pattern• Shell buttons

Making it Look Easy.

The Italian courtiers of the Renaissance knew that it wasn't enough to excel in the presence of the noble intelligentsia. Of course, one's skillset was deep and varied—

Philosophy? Check.

Poetry? Without question.

Painterly touch?

Indubitably. Hunting a "beast of venery?"

Pfft. Physical prowess?

Care to wrestle? Horsemanship? Please…

However, none of it mattered if one could not perform with a certain nonchalance, as if these things were innate and executed with a slight indifference. They called it sprezzatura.

Perfection truly resonates when there is the notion of imperfect effort.

Your shirts should have such a quality.

Sprezzatura Shirt (No. 6087). Effortless, smart, and intriguing. 100% cotton jersey knit. Raglan sleeve. Patch pocket in opposite stripe pattern. Shell buttons. Marvelous under a sport coat. Handsome with simple white pants, khakis, and jeans. Imported.