Staying In Nightgown

Staying In Nightgown

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Color: Ivory

Staying In Nightgown

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Staying In.

Remember when the FOMO from not “going out” sent a level-ten frenzy up your spine? Why though?

So you could hear Mary Sue’s next multilevel marketing scheme?

So you could pretend you’re interested in exchanging business cards with the venture capitalist with horrendous breath?

So you could order a nineteen-dollar martini? No, no, no.

You two promised yourself a night like this. Staying in. Listening to Miles. Drinking Oban. Laughing your faces off. Acting out the things you imagined when you first saw him standing at the bar in the Marlton Hotel.

Time to make good.

Staying In Nightgown (No. 5997). Vintage-inspired nightgown cut on the bias in a demure crinkled cotton voile. The dyed-to-match scalloped lace finishes the sensual V-neckline (front and back), armholes, and sweep. French seams. Embroidery on the front bodice with lace detail. Flattering shaping seams under the bust. Falls to the lower-calf. Ties in the back. Made in India.