Striped Henley Knit Dress



Color: Red Multi
Product Details

Vineyard Migration.


Every year, around the third week in May, you migrate to the West Tisbury house. The pull you feel is the same, you imagine, as felt by every migratory creature on the planet.

Deep, everlasting. Undeniable.

Every summer is the same, more or less, which is exactly what you count on through the winter. You’ll take the sloop around the point every day the wind and weather permit. The McCannons will throw the best 4th of July bash. There’s produce from Alley’s. Eggs and cheese from Blackwater.

Easy moods. Comfortable clothes that make you feel just right.

The always-changing view out to the Elizabeth Islands is another thing to count on.

People who know about such things will tell you.


Striped Henley Knit Dress (No. J7577). Beautifully soft cotton maxi dress with a bit of stretchy stuff for shape and comfort. Four mother-of-pearl buttons at henley neckline. Imported.