Striped Safari Jacket



Color: Ochre Stripe
Product Details

Safari. Day 9.


In camp, the guides aren’t impatient (yet), but you can see the edges of professional disposition starting to fray.

You, though. Calm, cool, crisp. Bolstered, perhaps, by having just the right thing to wear.

This jacket. Seen first as a shirt on 19th-century hunters, a case of style emerging from function. Expanding pockets for a map or a compass. Epaulettes. Some had slots for cartridges. All offered clues to a certain narrative, a certain understanding between the wearer and the world.

In time, women began to wear the safari jacket, too, and it said the same things.

Imagine a scenario where a woman is both hunter and gazelle.

This is like that.


Striped Safari Jacket (No. 7546). Elegant over a crisp white shirt. Dazzling over a T-shirt, a tank top, or shorts. Functional everywhere. Robust cotton and linen blend. Generous patch pockets. Epaulettes for keeping a strap (camera or purse) in place. Self-belt with sturdy metal slide. Reinforced placket and seams. Gussets at back for ease of movement. Imported.